I am open for commissions.

If you have a good idea for a stained glass panel or a glasspainting that fits my style, please contact me via info@riannewillemsen.com to discuss the possibilities.


I also like to work together with artists and illustrators.

Your own artwork or illustration converted into a stained glass panel,

To display in your workshop, at home, or to offer for sale.

Sounds like a good idea to you?

 As an experienced glazier specialized in glasspainting, I can realize this for you.

Together we discuss the possibilities, make a plan and I will make an artwork of your artwork.

If you're interested please contact me



Below you can see some examples I have realised of artworks, designs and illustrations translated to stained glass:


Vintage Citroën posters, converted into stained glass panels.

The beautiful dutch banknote of 250 guilder, designed by mr Oxenaar. The first picture is the paper banknote, which I made a stained glass panel of.

The famous Gulf of Kanagawa, translated into fused and stained glass

"ghostbunny" Design by Lisa Korz (Korz.co)  converted into stained glass, with steel frame.

Design by Flintkat  (www.katflint.com) translated into stained glass nightlicht, with wooden frame and LED light .

Design by Martinheadrocks.bigcartel.com (instagram.com/martinheadrocks) transformed into a stained glass panel